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Corporate Food Service and Drink Delivery to your Office or Workplace

Coffee, Soda and Healthy Food - Free Delivery to your Office.

Research shows that healthy and quality refreshments at work help increase employee productivity. At Corporate Cuisine Vending, we believe the same thing too.

Corporate Cuisine offers everything your breakroom needs through our corporate food service -- from healthy snacks, beverages, coffee, chips, water, frozen snacks, etc. --- We deliver them free. We even provide you your own office cooler that is re-stocked via drink delivery.

Corporate Cuisine Vending food service truck

The vending machines and vending service we offer are among the best in the market. Contact Us Now to know more about our customized solutions designed to meet the demands of your busy workplace.




Soda, Cold Beverages, Healthy Drink or Water Vending Machines

Work food delivery of candy and snacks
We offer delivery of soft drinks, snacks and candy to companies that offer or plan to offer free to employees. The cooler(s) are provided at no charge and no extra charges beyond the cost of the products.

Drink delivery of specialty items such as SOBE'S, Vitamin Waters, Coconut Water, Life Water, Gatorade's, Frappuccinos, Energy Drinks, Snapple's, etc. is available in addition to standard sodas.

Snacks available through office food delivery

  • Drinks are delivered and the coolers are filled by us. The coolers are always full, as we will deliver often enough to ensure this commitment.

  • Accurate billing, The prices will be between retail and wholesale to save you money and we have the flexibility to stay within your budget.

  • If you are currently offering free drinks and are thinking of reducing that cost, we have the solution. Reduce your cost by about half and offer your employees a much better selection.

      We can do all of this better than you. It's our business.

Break room stocked as part of office food serviceBuffet provided through corporate food service



  • Snacks & Drinks From All Over The Country. Everything available through special requests
  • Many Non & Low Fat Choices
  • Specialty Snacks Not Available In Stores
  • Food Safety Experienced
  • Impecable Office Food Service
  • Office food and drink deliveries (accurate billing)
  • Corporate coffee specialist (separate coffee company)
  • Office Water
  • Proper Insurance
  • Deliveries. As often as necessary


Always Less Than 35 Minutes from Your Business!

Drink and food delivery at no cost

(415) 990.VEND (8363)
(650) 372-0110 (voice mail)
969G Edgewater Blvd #187
Foster City, CA 94404

Corporate food service and office food and drink delivery is available in San Francisco, South San Francisco, Millbrae, Burlingame, San Mateo, Foster City, Redwood City, Hayward, and throughout the Peninsula. Please inquire about service in areas not listed. Vending Machines in Bay Area | Local Resources